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Last night I was sitting on the couch after a really lovely day craving something sweet for dessert. We had NOTHING in the house that would satisfy my cravings until I remembered that I had some chopped up frozen banana in the freezer.

I am not one to throw out food, but am fussy about how ripe I like my bananas. If they are not quite right, I won’t eat them. If they are overripe I peel and chop them into coin shaped pieces and keep them in a zip lock bag or air tight container in the freezer. I generally use them for baking or to put in smoothies.

On this particular occasion I made the most insanely healthy and delicious ice cream instead. Or ‘NiceCream’ as I am going to call it. And all this deliciousness from only one ingredient! I have read about this ‘one ingredient ice cream’ a few times now, but I have to say I was sceptical. I didn’t believe that chucking some frozen banana pieces into a blender could result in such creamy deliciousness. Generally when I read about ‘healthy’ dessert or baking recipes I prepare myself for a little disappointment in the tasting department. But not this time!

You should definitely try this!


1-2 chopped up ripe bananas, frozen


Chop ripe banana into coins

Freeze banana pieces in container/zip lock bag for at least 2 hours or overnight

Remove from freezer and place in blender

Pulse the banana, stopping every now and again to scrape down the sides. The banana can take a while to start to come together, but keep going and a really creamy looking consistency will start to form

Eat immediately and be in complete awe of how amazing it tastes! Or return to freezer to allow ice cream to freeze solid again, as it may be a little soft


In conjunction with my banana I did in fact use another ingredient – I added a small spoon of peanut butter – the combination is one of my favourites! Other common combos: –

Cinnamon or other spice like ginger or cardamom

Other chopped nuts

Chocolate chips

Cocoa powder

Other fruit

The possibilities are really only limited by your imagination!

Now what are you waiting for? Get out and try this!

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