Here is part two of my guide to battling the supermarket aisles to save both your wallet and your waistlines.

Do spend most of your time on the perimeter of the supermarket

This is where your fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, seafood and dairy reside. Have you noticed anything about that list? There is minimal processing and minimal packaging on these items. This is where you want to spend your time and money; where you will find the most nutrient dense ingredients for fabulously healthy meals. Of course the aisles do contain things that we all use, it’s about finding the most nutritious and minimally processed you can.

Do buy frozen/ canned vegetables

Nutritious products found in the aisles for example might be canned and frozen beans and vegetables. I am all for the use of these in every day cooking. By the end of the week you may have run low on fresh veges, so having a frozen stir fry mix for example is a lifesaver if it means cooking a meal from scratch instead of relying on takeaways. A can of beans can be used for a multitude of recipes – you can add fibre to a Mexican dish, make a healthy bean dip, or bulk out a salad all in the time that it would take to go through your local drive through…

Don’t be a budget brand snob

Some budget brand products are perfectly acceptable to include in the weekly shop. Basic items such as milk, pasta and canned veges often have a value version specific to that supermarket chain. A lot of the time these products are produced by the same companies that make the ‘trendier’ brands anyway. So be shopping savvy and save some dough! I think the only product I wouldn’t bother going ‘budget’ on again is baked beans. Eugh!!

Do a weekly shop

Avoid multiple trips to the supermarket. If you go once a week, there are less opportunities to be tempted, you will save money overall and you will save time, and let’s face it, we could all do with more time!

Don’t be tempted by “3 for the price of 2” type signage

Most probably you only really wanted one of the product anyway. So now not only are you spending more money than you originally would if you just got one of the products, but you also have three times as many products to consume at a cost of three times as many calories. Notice these types of deals are usually on confectionery or biscuit type products and not on the fruits and veges…

So there you go, my top tips to being a supermarket savvy shopper. Hopefully you have found these helpful, and if you have any of your own top tips that I haven’t included, do let me know by posting a comment below!

If you are a regular reader of my posts you will know all about my weekly gym challenges. Last week was an ‘as many rounds as possible’ workout which I won (!!!) The challenge for this week was to complete 1000 presups as soon as possible, and we had the entire week to log the full amount.

Well I wanted to get started right away, as soon as we heard what the challenge was (on Sunday evening) but just as I was about to drop and do 50 whilst dinner was cooking, we were reminded that the challenge didn’t actually start until Monday morning…

Anywho, I went a bit pressup crazy once we were allowed to start and ended up finishing early on Tuesday morning. You should have seen me on Monday night -every ad break I was on the floor pumping out another 20, I was so determined to win this challenge. My chest burned for days afterwards, but the worst was the blisters on my hands. Suffice to say I did not do anymore pressups the rest of the week!! But I did win the challenge – pure determination got me through I think!

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