I love ginger. I also love bliss balls as a mid-afternoon snack when I need a pick me up, or something, just because. I was scrolling through a bunch of recipes for assorted bliss balls when I thought about creating a bit of a mash up. These Gingernut Bites are the result. You can adjust the amount of ginger you add to suit your own taste preferences. As I mentioned, I am a big fan of ginger, so I tend to be quite heavy handed with my ginger measures.


1/2 cup Fine Oatmeal

¼ cup Almond Meal

½ cup Dates

1 Tbsp Smooth Peanut Butter

1-2 tsp Ginger to taste

1 scoop Vanilla Protein Powder

Oil (optional if needed to bind mixture together)

A lot of the recipes I have seen recently for bliss balls use nut meals, such as almond or cashew. This is just another word for ‘flour’ or ground almonds/ cashews etc. You could of course grind your own nuts, but this gets a little laborious and time consuming. I tend to be about creating delicious tasting food without the need for spending hours in the kitchen. So I don’t bother with grinding my own, but buy almond meal, all ready to use. You can find these more and more widely at your regular supermarkets, or from health food stores. Buying the pre-ground nuts can come with a bit of a price tag, but it’s the price you pay for not spending hours in the kitchen! In consideration of the price I ended up combining my almond meal with fine oatmeal instead. This does change the nutrient profile of the Gingernut Bites, making them higher in carbohydrate than protein and fat than they would be if you used all almond meal or another nut. So exactly what ingredients you use comes down to a few different things:

  • What you have in your cupboard
  • How much time you have
  • How much money you want to spend
  • Whether you want a snack that is higher in carb vs. protein or vise versa
Nutrition Per Gingernut Bite

Protein: 3    Carbs: 7    Sugar: 4    Fat: 3     Calories: 72

If you’re not a big ginger fan you can always keep your bliss balls traditional, using cocoa for a nutty chocolate flavour. Instead of dates, you could use dried apricots as a base. Or swap out the ginger/ cocoa for cinnamon and cardamom with a touch of ginger for Chai inspired bliss balls like these.

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