Grow your own veges

This is possible even with limited space. If you don’t have a garden get a couple of trough containers and fill them up with soil and vege seedlings of your choice! Before you know it you will have an abundance of fresh produce just waiting to be created into exciting and healthy dishes. If you have little ones, involve them in the process and watch them watch in amazement as those lettuces grow!

Cut down on bought coffees

A couple of coffees a day soon adds up and can impact your bank balance as well as your health. Just think what else you could be spending $2000 a year on? Or, if you’re wondering why that weight won’t budge, maybe think about how you are drinking your calories. A flat white a couple of times a day is costing you around 300 calories and if you’re more of a flavoured frappe person you could be drinking more calories than there is in a chocolate bar! Switching to trim milk will save you around 100 calories a day over two regular coffees.

Switch up your catch up dates

On the topic of coffee – instead of catching up with friends over that coffee, aim to do something active together. Maybe try a new fitness class, go aqua jogging or just a simple walk is a great way to keep moving easily and catch up at the same time.

Use your food processor

Quickly and easily prepare vegetables without the mess. Prepare delicious coleslaws, slice potatoes evenly for toppings, and take the time out of dinner prep. Slice extra vegetables when making dinner so that you have a quick and nutritious snack ready to go in the fridge whenever the munchies strike.

Shop at the local produce market

Buying from markets ensures you are buying in season, supporting local economies and getting the freshest produce around, unlike supermarkets which may have shipped their out of season fruit in over thousands of miles. You might even find something you are not familiar with – google a recipe and get creating!

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